House Keeping

Moving from one’s home, a traveller probably first looks for the peace and security which he is already used to while at home. Just getting a roof on his head may not suffice to give him that sense of tranquil rest. The Housekeeping department is considered as the nerve-centre of any hotel and, naturally, becomes the CNS at the Institute-level also. The cleanliness and maintenance of all public areas in both back and front of the house, the rooms and the cloak rooms, the health clubs and the cabanas - none of this looks appealing without the constant care and vigil of this department. The students are given hands-on training in cleaning different areas with a vast range of surfaces on floors, walls and furniture and fixtures. The complex management of guest’s laundry, uniform of all members of staff and the multitude of linen and guest-room supplies are integral part of the syllabus. The students are trained in the science and aesthetics of horticultural development and flower arrangements to create a scenically attractive environment all around.